71 Triumph Bikes/Parts

Joe has some stuff for sale:

I've got two 71 Triumphs for sale or trade. One is a 650 Bonneville the other a 650 T-120R.
I have a new Flyrite Triumph frame with mso, the T-120 has matching frame and motor numbers, with open title.

Here is a list of what I got:

Bonneville 650 motor

T-120R 650 motor

Pistons, rings, wrist pins for both motors

Amal carbs

Manifolds, one and two carb

Hydraulic forks

Springer fork

2 16" wheels

2 18" wheels, one is a new wheel with mini brake

New round oil tank

New axed gas tank

New Flyrite triumph hardtail frame, mso

Original Triumph hardtail frame, numbers match the T-120r motor


Foot pegs

2 handle bars, one is straight bar, the other is mini apes

Two rear fenders

All the transmission parts

All the engine components, top and bottom ends, etc...

I attached some pics, and pics of a dumb rough mock up.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something. It wouldn't take much to put the parts together to make two great bikes. Contact Joe directly@ hellcitycustoms@yahoo.com

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