O F-T H E- G O O D S
Very desirable K model hub/brake set up(( sold )) laced to a 21 wm 1 Dunlop rim.This is a barn fresh wheel w/old chrome.One spoke is missing( ez fix )or use as is.Ugly tire on the wheel but no worries cause here is a Avon 21 x 2.75( 2.75 tire sold ) skinny tire that is really nice.I have had a lot of these and this one is the best.Here is a vintage Nos Firestone Sportsman Cross tread 18 x 4.00 tire.They ran these on Knuckleheads to racers....almost impossible to wear out and look amazing.Lastly is a very clean and very rare Borrani High Shoulder 16" rim( same size as Harley 16 ).I was going to use this one on my bike....but these parts need to go to fund my projects.Email me to buy @


B-fly said...

How much are you selling the K-Model hub/brake for?

Mike Davis said...

If you are interested in the wheel email me please@

ghelo said...

how much for the borrani rim, do you still selling it?
ciao Ghelo