Old Tyme T Shirts & Tanks 4 S@le sold out

update shirts are sold out!!!!John Edwards has a few of his T shirts leftover from the mooneyes show.They were only for sale in Japan and when there gone that's it!The tanks are on there way back and will be for sale soon.....He made 2 styles on the shirts: baseball sleeve and regular Tee's...Here is what's avaliable...4 lg. red w/mid sleeves,1 lg. blue w/mid sleeves, 5 xl. blue w/mid sleeves.In the regular style tee shirts there are 1 lg. black and 8 xl. black.That is it and sold first come first serve.The shirts are 35.00 for the baseball sleeve and 30.00 on the T shirts.The prices include shipping in the USA only!! email me for more detais @ mailto:.jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

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Mike Davis said...

The shirts are going fast! 6 sold this morning so if you want one you better move!!