Born Free 4 Shovel Chop

The Born Free 4 Shovelhead giveaway chop is well underway. We have a target completion date of The Grand Nation Roadster Show. The bike is looking very tuff and Kiyo is working like a madman to get this done and done right. It's been said before... but this is a Man's Chopper. You can win this bike @ Born Free 4 on June 30 2012 or the 69 FLH Stocker that we will have done in February sometime. The odds are the same as last year and the tickets are limited...the only change is you do not need to be present to win & we are doing 2 bikes! We hope you are with us @ the show but if you can't make it can't make's life. Chopper dreams are made right here.


fingers said...

That looks sick over the top hope to be there

WhitelinePsycho said...

too cool, classic lines and balance, get it on, get yourself free !!!!