59 FL Barn Find For Sale$$ ( Sold )

1959 Harley(( sold )) Davidson FL (( Panhead ))..Police Escort / Service bike.This bike is very original and has a very rich history.It runs good and the engine was rebuilt a few years ago without disturbing the originality of the bike.The bike has a tank shift,factory siren,big regulator and all black factory front end.The story goes it was in China in the Nixon era and used for US government duties around the president.It was brought back to the US over 30 years ago.We are still gathering more info on the bike and I will post if we get some updates.This type of bike is very hard to find and it's a runner.Put on some correct tires,fix or change the seat and you are done. Email me for more info@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

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Mick said...

I googled Escort/Service, but all I found was this crappy motorcycle. Haha, jp.