1961 Panhead For Sale

Tom has his Pan on the market :  Contact him directly@

1961 HD FL. Factory foot shift. This bike was originally purchased in CA and the owner of most of its years was named "Walt Krupp". Walt was a proud man and loved his machine, he tattood his name and SSN on many parts of it by scribe or punch. If that kid of thing bothers you, this FL probably isn't for you. To me that is part of the history of this machine and because of that I mechanically and cosmetically restored it trying to keep as many of the original parts as possible. This has been a complete motorcycle since it left the factory in '61 and most all of the parts are original to it. Over the period of years I chipped away at it and here's what came out on the other side. I think Walt would be glad to see its back on the road. The miles shown on the speedo are the miles I have put on it since completing it. It starts easy, and runs and rides excellent. With the belt drive/pro clutch it's super smooth and doesn't leak a drop.
- Original, straight, and un-repaired. Blasted and powder-coated semi-gloss black. Key and neck-lock intact but I never had the key
- Oil tank powder coated semi-gloss black
- Stock Pogo, setup for 200lb rider, deluxe saddle
- Drums front and rear, setup right, stops excellent
- Rear-juice drum, Wagner Lockheed M/C and wheel cylinder rebuilt and DOT5 conversion completed
- Goodridge Ebony brake hoses and fittings used in stock configuration in lieu of hard lines 
- Front end completely rebuilt, Stainless tubes from Forking by Franks in stock length and new dampers
- Stock rear shocks, new rubbers
- Wheels are stock, restored. re-chromed hoops, stainless spokes and restored HD star hubs
- Headlight nacelle and lower legs polished, not chromed
- Matching belly numbers, .010 bored over stock, original jugs
- Heads are not stock, these are stock replica heads with the valve job done by Departure Bike Works in Richmond VA
- Stock hydraulic lifters and HD H-grind cam
- Stock Linkert M-74 & stainless air cleaner
- Stock cast iron oil pump
- Completely disassembled, blasted and Dolphs coated inside
- Andrews close ration gear set
- Andrews mainshaft
- Primo Pro-Clutch and belt drive primary
- HD auto-advance timer still running points
- Dual fire coil
- Will include the stock single fire timer and 6v coils/mount 
- 12volt conversion
- Cycle electric generator
- Sano wiring harness using marine grade wire, the wiring harness follows the stock convention but just makes a bit more sense
- all functions work - hi/lo, dash, brake light & horn (behind nacelle)
- AGM Battery
- Converted to tank shift but kept the ratchet top. Setup right and shifts comfortably 1-forward, 3-back
- Stock Speedometer, rebuilt and restored 

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