Garage Company Party Pix

The Garage Co party was a huge success and we really appreciate everyone coming out and supporting the show. We gave away the 1952 Panhead motor to Sam in Maryland (  he bought online through Lowbrow Customs) as well as a ton of great stuff supplied by our generous sponsors. Thank you Loser Machine for hosting the event and supplying the food & beverages. We really got some great giveaways from Mike w/ Harley-Davidson & the guys from The Speed Merchant .We also want to thank Street Chopper & Law Tigers for there generous support. The biggest thank you of all goes out to Yoshi and his wife for letting us party at one of the coolest shops on the planet. They are very generous and 2 of the nicest, biggest hearted people you will find.We could not do this event without all of their help & love.. Again thank you to all the came out and had a great time. See you at Born-Free 6! 


Wayne@Kustom Ink said...

Who's the guy that owns/rides that CB750 in the 6th last pic?
I've only seen snippets of the bike, but it looks like one Kiyo built.

ND said... with the photocred : )