Wes White Update

First off thanks to all of you who have emailed me today about helping Wes..it was pretty overwhelming to say the least and Wes is so grateful for all the support. Here is what I have come up with:: If you just want to donate send payment it to this paypal address fouracescycle@aol.com ( payment note broken ankle) and or buy one of his Bonnieville support Tee's or Dvds... other wise there is a group of friends that will give you some options. Born Loser,FMA,Born-Free,Wretched Hive,Kickstart Cycle Supply,Loser Machine ,Biltwell,Low Brow and I will be adding a few more when this thing kicks off will be donating money to Wes when a purchase is made online from each company. This will give you the option of buying parts,apparel,magazines,dvds ...whatever you want and part of your purchase will go into the fund to help out Wes. This way you don't have to buy something you don't want or need you can get what you want and really help out a good dude....Everybody wins and we help out our friend. Each company may have a different option on what they will be offering so check with them directly...As for me it's pretty straight forward..buy anything in the Born Loser store and I will donate a percentage to Wes...Also on Born-Free merchandise...hats & tee's only. The 2 1969 Shovel head giveaway Posters with Tickets will not be part of the promotion. We are trying to kick this off tomorrow June 1st. and a end date around the 25th. We want to present Mr. White a check at Born-Free on June 30 th. Please check with each company involved to find out the details on how or what will qualify.

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The FIsh said...

Good on you man. Bummer bout Wes. Has helped me over the phone more than once.