Old Dual Carb Pan Chopper For Sale ((SOLD))

It's a 1949 Panhead Chopper built in Fresno Ca. in 1971.Painted by Norton.This thing is so cool and super original. It has been untouched since it was built.Extended HD springer,Flanders bars,Amal throttle, dual Amal monoblocks,Knucklehead oil tank and early 18" front wheel.Bates headlight & mirror,Anderson pegs,Killer paint,super cool molded frame,Wassell & Tank & Fender...on & on. It's cool.Email me for the details. Hey Folks:: The bike has been sold...but you will see it at Born Free 4. Thanks for all the interest. mikedavis70@hotmail.com


The Castle Run said...

WOW !!!!!!!!

johnny said...

big down payment on a house or buy a new bike? the choice should be obvious....new bike!