Roth Helmet

Chico is selling this collectible & here is the deal: Hey Mike,
long time no talk.
been busy. moved out of state for school.

i have this original Ed Roth german helmet that i'm trying to sell.
would you mind putting it up on your blog?
there is a story behind it too. pretty neat.
it came straight from him in the late 60's at a chopper/car show in So Cal.
some 1%er bought it for his wife.

i have had a few old timers take a look at it and they say it's real.
it's also the harder metal flake color to find.
supposedly he didnt paint too many this blue/grey color.
it's in good shape. most of these are pretty beat up when you find them.

i would be up for trade plus cash as well.

Hope all is well. is

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