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Triumph Pre Unit 650

Triumph Chopper Roller / Parts

Triumph Roller or Parts For Sale :

40 inch from top to axle front end -150
Front 19 with good brakes and avon (needs tube)-125 plus shipping
Kickass most likely Corbin King N Queen good shape -150 plus
Sissy with light and plate bracket with some King Arthur kind of shit decor (150 plus)
Rear 16. Good Avon needs tube has everything but one brake spring and axle 100 plus
Heavy duty steel coffin tank 100 plus
Anyone wants the whole thing they need to pick it up.
Any offers questions or hate mail to 

t im told is a corbin frame dark purple flake paint - 400 plus no title

Harman Frame & Fork For Sale

Carl is selling a Harman Frame & Fork. The fork is 13 over and frame is for a Sportster motor. Email him directly@


1964 Triumph Bonneville For Sale

Tom is selling a nice original example of the 1964 Triumph Bonneville. Email him directly for the details@ 

More Bates Seats & Pads For Sale

Big Joe has a few Bates seats & pads more to more. Email him directly for the details@

Back to Work

Orders, emails & posts will be shipped returned or put up today. Japan pics to come....

Pleated Bates Seats For Sale

Big Joe has some original Bates seats for sale. Email this dude for the details @

Back from Japan...Old Parts For Sale

Diamond Dave has some sweet goods to move.
Tanks, tanks, tanks. From top left, clockwise.  (1) Shortened stock triumph tank, tacked together, needs finishing. (2) Old sportster tank with super cool pinstriping, front of it has exposed primer, and a few dents. (3) Skinny weird tank, same tank ran by Mark Drews on his old shovelhead with the gold leaf.  (4) BUB vintage racing tanks with cool old flames. (5)  Fiberglass tank and fender setup by Fiberglass Works from back in the day.  Tank is lined and works perfect, I ran this combo on my old shovelhead for years (it was on the cover of Greasy Kulture #4). (6) Sporty tank, was pinstriped by David Bell (of Street Chopper fame) back in the day. (7) Wassel tank with old paint, tunnel is super narrow. (8) Fiberglass sporty-ish tank, paint is bubbling, neat tank. (9) Old primered mustang tank with a crazy pimp motif glued to it.
Second pic: Original Harman rigid frame and girder.  Real Harman stuff that sits perfect.  Wheels are not included, but Hurst Airheart calipers on the front end are included.
Third pic:  Wishbone frame, it's a '51 or '52.  It's been raked and molded.  Tank and fender come with it, they were together with this frame since back in the day.  I had this frame straightened and it is arrow straight and runnable as is.
**If interested in any of the above, please email me at  Thanks

The Bad

There is so much good associated with motorcycles...they bring people together, they allow you to create , they give you a sense of freedom , they are so much fun and the list goes on. The bad is they are dangerous...very dangerous. So many people are getting hurt & seems like it's a weekly occurrence. It's terrible to hear about someone you know going down or's really scary and a real eye opener...especially with a family. I truly feel for the families & friends of riders hurt or lost and always here to help if I can. It is really encouraging to see friends of these riders & the entire community reaching out and doing what they can to help and comfort the families.  
An accident is just accident. It can  happen to anyone on a bike with zero fault of their own...good rider with years of experience or a novice who thinks they are invincible.The insane amount of speeding cars & huge trucks on the overcrowded freeways & roads who are trying to run you over, the drivers who are on the phone or texting, the fact the motorcycles are very hard to see or a increase of people riding too fast has made getting on your bike like playing Russian roulette. Accepting the reality of riding a motorcycle can have severe consequences is something we all need to do. It's really now just up to the rider to make the best choices they possibly can. I'm not going to preach to anyone about what they should or should not do. I  have done everything at some point you should not do. But not anymore!
 It's your choice... but these fuckers can kill you, destroy families and cause years of pain... if you don't have on a real helmet , carry some type of insurance , learn to ride , ride a bike that is somewhat safe to handle your riding environment and have a motorcycle license...maybe it's time.   -  Please Be Safe out there.             

59 Panhead For sale.

Jim has a 1959 Harley Davidson Pan-Head for sale. Email him directly for the details@

Knuckleheads- RL Rear Leg- Panhead Gas Tanks For Sale

 FOR SALE :  Early Pan chrome tanks, later Pan tanks, RL Springer rear leg & Knuckleheads. Email