Old Tin Set For Sale

Zack has this old painted set of tins to move. Email him directly for the details@ zharnish113@aol.com   or call text 7179174640 


Moon has his 40 UL up for sale. Rebuilt motor with some really nice parts. Ca tiltle, registered and all legit. Email him directly for the details@  jmoon895@gmail.com  

Pre Unit Dreams

This old Pre Unit has haunted me and probably lots of others around these parts for years. Its finally for sale and I'm not in a position to buy it. Someone should! http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/mcy/5811123596.html

JD Info Needed

Pic #1
I am looking for some more info on this bike. Especially the JD front end / wheel combo in pics 1, 8 & 9 . Any info would be very much  appreciated. mikedavis70@hotmail.com
Pic #8

Wanted...Bates Seat

 I am in need a smaller Bates solo seat & P pad. If you can help please email me mikedavis70@hotmail.com