1941 HD "el" Knucklehead Motor For Sale

I am selling this very original rebuilt 1941 Knucklehead Motor. The belly numbers match, the Vin is unaltered and original. Complete with carb & timer. This is a very nice original motor not assembled from parts. Comes w/Clear title. I have other stuff to sell but only if the motor goes first...frame, wheels, 41 Trans, tanks, oil bag ect... email me if interested mikedavis70@hotmail.com

51 Panhead Chopper For Sale

Pete is selling Panhead Chopper.Email him directly for details.
Interested parties can reach me via this e-mail: pete@roost-cycles.com

I’ve got nice clean HD title in my name, lots of nice parts on this thing. Original Harman, oe wishbone modified, all stainless hardware except colony kits on both the motor and trans. Motor is 87” STD heads, Lightened T&O rotating assembly, Lienweber L3S cam, S&S and OE stuff completing the camchest. Invaders are old, Haifley covered seat, oe oil tank, Vulcan trans plate (cut down), trans is OE FLH rebuilt james gaskets, new bearings, controls/sissy/bars are all stainless 304, Nash sticky throttle, lights are Nos Aris, hard oil lines made to this bike are nickel plated (modern oil filter hidden in tank). Probably bored you by now. I have pictures of all the metal work pre and post weld, pictures of all the motor internal, trans internals, etc etc, no cut.

Shovel Chopper For Sale

Scotty has his Shovelhead chopper on the market. Email him directly for the details@ juniorsmade@gmail.com

1948 Panhead For Sale

Jason has this 1948 HD Panhead (dual carb) up for sale. Contact him directly for the details@ jasonuhouse@gmail.com

Triumph Chopper For Sale

Myles has his Triumph Chopper up for sale. Contact him directly for the details@ myles4245@gmail.com

Triumph For Sale

Jimmy has his running, titled 1976 Triumph up for sale in the NY area. Email him directly for all the details@ jimmydhorn@gmail.com

Sportster Trade

Mike is looking to do some horse trading on his frame & motor .Email him directly for all the details@ fatassbuick@gmail.com 


Patrick is selling a NOS 19" Avon Gripster vintage Dirt Bike Tire. Email him for the details patrickkatzman@me.com  

21" Spool Wheel For Sale

Chad is selling a 21" spool wheel. Hit him up if interested. chadfaughn@att.net 

Flanders #12 Handlebars and 1937 Dash For Sale

Jeff has a nice original set of Flanders #12 bars and a original 37 HD das for sale. Email him directly@ jeffxleighton@gmail.com


Chris is selling his bike.. FXRD Grand Touring Edition. Very clean original FXRD. Motor was completely gone through by Bennet's Performance in Signal Hill less than a year ago. Done right and very fast ie: Cam/porting/head

work. Custom two into one pipe made by Brawny. La Pera seat, Mikuni Carb, Lower and upper fairings in great shape, 8 Inch Biltwell risers with Sportster bars. Original blue paint looks excellent.They only made these in 1986. Lot's of stuff I am forgetting to list. Ready to roll. 
***Email me for more information or to come take a look. chrisvonhuber@gmail.com




Pre Unit Friday

Ram Horns

Grand National Roadster Show Jan 29-31

The Grand National Roadster Show is just 3 weeks away. We will have a large Born-Free display area full of our builders from last year and previous years. We also are setting up a booth... selling BF8 merch,giveaway posters and tickets ect. Save the dates Jan 29-31 2016 Pomona Ca.

Lets Go Racing...January 24th

The Hell on Wheels Steeplechase Race is Sunday January 24th at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino CA. *Every class / every skill level. I will be hosting the vintage Tank Shift class and we need more riders. Tell your friends and have some fun. Sign up online to save a little $$ and get more practice time in. http://hellonwheelsmc.bigcartel.com/product/stadium-steeple-chase-entry