Ride'em if You Got'em

We are working on all the BF7 Stuff now..the builders, sponsors, giveaway bikes ect and that's just part of the show. The real thing we are focused on more this year than anything else is the ride. Riding your bike old or new to the show is what we want. If you bought it or if you built it does not matter...what matters is that you ride it. Ride with your friends, camp along the way , eat some pizza , drink some wine...make some memories. This stuff wont' last forever but those memories will. Having a Bates seat on your bike is cool but not what it's about. It's about how that old seat got so worn...someone put their ass on it and used it. To you younger folks out there enjoy your youth, your body, your hair... throw ur chick or ur dude on a bike and take advantage of the time you have because you will get old, beat up and ugly like the Nash....someday. BF June 27-28 th. 2015 

El Camino Swapmeet is this Saturday

El Camino Swapmeet in Irwindale is this weekend and I will be bring out everything not bolted on a bike. Stop by and Buy something!  

Dry Lakes

Everything is right in photo from the hair cut to the hubcaps..


1977 Honda Elsinore CR 125 For Sale

For Sale 1977 Honda Elsinore Cr 125. Race Ready. Email me for the details. mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Triumph Race Spool Wheel

Joe has a original Dunlop 20" wheel w/ Triumph racing hub. Complete wheel ready to use. Email Joe directly@ hbfsu69@aol.com

Flamed Crazy Frank Fender & Tank For Sale

Steve has a killer set up freshly paint and ready to use. Email directly for the details@ steveverde@me.com

1991 FXRT For Sale $$

Warren has a killer 1991 Harley -Davidson FXRT for sale$$. Go touring... Contact him directly for the details @ chprs4life@gmail.com

Born Loser Tees Back In Stock / Free Stickers

Back in stock are the Original Wolfman on Panhead in guys n gals.
The Wolf Wheelie in red & gold art and The Gilman on drag bike in black or white tees.
*All Tees come with assorted BL stickers & special treats. Get'em the store http://bornloser.bigcartel.com/

Gold Wolf Wheelie
Gilman on Black
Gilman on White
Original Wolfman Guys & Gals
Wolf Wheelie Red

Exponent For Sale

I have struggled with trying not sell this bike and even turned away a perspective buyer... but I really need to move it now. It's a the most fun bike I have ever owned or ridden. Built by Brandon Holstein at Brawny Built for Born-Free 4.
 ** Interested parties please contact me directly@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

1981 Race Ready yz 250 For Sale

Yamaha YZ 250 ::

1981 YZ250 : race ready, new bore, piston, etc., new clutch cable, springs, fiber plates, rear sprocket, Duane Jones re-valved rear shock, (fresh service), atk front fork springs, wide pegs, powder coated swing-arm, DG pipe and silencer. SoCal $1700 or $1500 with stock pipe. Contact is- Mike    951 737 0958

Pre Race Of Gentleman Chopper Party